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Tenant Representation

Every year hundreds of Puget Sound-area companies initiate ill-advised leasing commitments, while hundreds more allow their current lease agreements to bleed dollars from their bottom lines.


Everyday, Neil Walter Company helps companies change all that.


NWC'S tenant representation specialists put unparalleled expertise and knowledge to work negotiating on behalf of tenants.  Our local market strength and comprehensive process generate beneficial, timely and responsible decisions.  The result - a positive, potentially significant impact on your profitability; producing the highest value in a competitive real estate market.


Assessing the Situation

NWC has over the years developed a sophisticated and comprehensive process to identify, evaluate and prioritize your space needs.


We begin by analyzing your current situation and identifying criteria to help you evaluate all options - including the potential savings you could achieve by renegotiating your existing lease.


Insider Information

Real estate isn't the stock market - it's not illegal to use insider information.  NWC is on the inside of hundreds of transactions in this market and has negotiated millions of dollars in transactions.


Negotiating All the Angles

In every lease negotiation, there are four pools of money to be protected:

1)  Base Rent

2)  Expenses

3)  Improvements, and

4)  Concessions

That's why you should have experienced NWC advocates working to knowledgeably, systematically and tenaciously negotiate on your behalf.