Property Management

Administrative Operations


Operating a property effectively and efficiently is one of NWC’s greatest strengths. It is vital to the success of the property and overall tenant satisfaction. NWC has developed policies and procedures that streamline administration, guarantee smooth facility operations and often reduce expenses for the owner and tenants.

NWC ensures consistent and well-managed operations by continually communicating with maintenance personnel, tracking tenant calls and providing follow-up, and completing thorough lease reviews and procedures. NWC also manages and often reduces expenses by taking advantage of strong vendor relationships, conducting annual tax reviews and appeals, and investigating risk management expenses and alternatives.


Expense Management

In looking to reduce expenses, we break our analysis down “to the penny”. We look at every expenditure at a given property in relation to how much it will increase or decrease operating costs on a square foot basis. This simple yet often overlooked process reduces expenses in the largest expense categories without affecting overall service levels.


Tax Review

Real estate taxes are the largest expense for a commercial property owner. Tax valuations and invoices are scrutinized to determine if an appeal is appropriate. Appeals have been particularly beneficial with new properties, and the assessed valuation of your property will be one of the first items we focus on.


Insurance Review

NWC works closely with each owner’s insurance broker or carrier to ensure that insurance valuations are correct and that insurance premiums are at market levels.