Property Management

Lease Administration


One of the most important elements of real estate management and maximization of real estate value is proper lease administration. The only way to ensure that leases are being enforced is to complete a thorough lease review and lease abstract. Each lease is reviewed with emphasis placed on tenant/owner options, common area maintenance expenses, billing procedures and the passthrough of expense stops or expense base years.


We input all lease information into a “tenant improvement” sheet for a quick lease summary, then roll all property tenant improvement sheets into a project summary for quick reference and understanding of immediate property performance. In addition, all lease information is input into the accounting software program for automatic lease implementation via billing, rent charges, and monthly financial data.


NWC thinks from an owner’s perspective, provides the best possible service for project tenants, has systems in place to ensure long-term maintenance of the facility and minimization of repairs, focuses on keeping operating expenses as low as possible and administrates leases properly and economically. In short, every facet of property management is executed through our office so that you receive the maximum possible benefit from our relationship.