Property Management

Property Maintenance


NWC currently manages over 3,500,000 square feet of commercial real estate enabling strong relationships with local vendors in place, as well as a good understanding of market costs and the impacts of these costs relative to tenant lease agreements. NWC will work to ensure that the required services are implemented in a professional manner, monitored correctly, and completed within an acceptable cost structure.


Operating Functions

All general exterior maintenance and repairs will be performed by our contracted maintenance personnel, or contracted out through vendors. This will include tasks such as re-lamping, roof maintenance, spot painting, minor carpentry, plumbing, etc. NWC typically works with maintenance consultants to set a schedule guaranteeing that critical elements of the building are being reviewed and pro-actively responded to.


Contracted Services

Services that will be contracted to independent vendors include the following:

  • Landscape maintenance
  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Security
  • Fire system monitoring
  • HVAC maintenance (if applicable)
  • Elevator maintenance (if applicable)
  • Janitorial (if applicable)
  • Garbage removal